Nutrition is essential to life.


Without foods, we would die. We all know that it would be best to receive the nutrients we need from the food we eat. However, in our modern world this has become impractical and just about impossible. Modern food processing, fast food, poor food choices, and unbalanced diets contribute to inadequate intake of vital nutrients. Many of today’s modern “foods” can actually rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals.

Although diabetes is a lifestyle induced disease, the good news is that changes in lifestyle can correct and improve the diabetic condition dramatically. Experts agree that the key to managing diabetes is moderate exercise and balanced nutrition. If you can’t get all the nutrition you need from food, you must supplement your diet with non-GMO seed nutrients.


The benefits are potent due to the cold-press process which does not damage the nutrition found in seeds, unlike harsh chemical or high heat processes. These benefits include: increased energy, neutralizing free radicals with powerful antioxidants, immunity support, better sleep, effective exercise recovery, and the list goes on.* Our product has third party research and testing that continues to impress. The Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant testingresults amaze even the independent labs!

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Features are the nutritive ingredients of the black cumin seed, the black raspberry seed, the chardonnay grape seed. These seeds have been studied extensively for their health benefits and some have been found to be so effective that their compounds are used as natural medicines in Europe (What is Legalon and Mengs).

Research studies suggest that Omega 3 in our Seed product Essential Fatty acids is useful in combating circulation problems associated with Diabetes by rendering the walls of the veins and arteries smoother and more elastic.Patients with Diabetes most often have elevated “Bad fats” known as triglycerides and have lower amounts of “Good cholesterol” known as HDL.This combination of high triglycerides and low HDL in Diabetic Patients significantly increase their risk of heart disease and stroke.Omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial in lowering the triglycerides and elevating the good cholesterol and in so doing decreases the risk of heart disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.

There is also some evidence that the seed products EFA’S Omega 3 decrease inflammation in the body which is beneficial to diabetic patients who most often have angry cholesterol plaques which can rupture and cause heart attacks, strokes and other vascular complications. A steady diet of these Omega 3 fatty acids can not only have protective effect on the body’s arterial system but also can reduce the viscosity or “thickened blood flow” often seen in these patients.

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10 Health Benefits of Black Seed (Nigella Sativa)

1. Type 2 diabetes – Researchers found that just two grams daily of black seed could result in reduced fasting blood sugar levels, along with decreased insulin resistance, and increased beta-cell function in the pancreas.

images (2)2. Epilepsy – Published in Medical Science Monitor, one study found black seed to be effective at reducing the frequency of seizures in children who resisted conventional treatment. Black seed indeed has anti-convulsive properties.

3. Colon Cancer – In cell studies, black seed has been found to have anti-cancer properties, inhibiting the growth of colon cancer cells specifically. In one animal study, the seed was able to fight colon cancer in rats successfully with no observable side effects.The same obviously can’t be said for conventional cancer treatments.

4. MRSMRSAA – The deadly and antibiotic- resistant bacterial infection known commonly as MRSA responded favorably to treatment with black seed in this study from the University of Health Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan.

images (1)5. Protection Against Heart Attack Damage – An extract from black seed has been shown to possess heart-protective qualities, dampening damages associated with heart attacks and boosting overall heart health.Read: Health Benefits of 60 Foods

6. Breast Cancer – A few studies have linked a thymoquinone extract from nigella sativa to reduced breast cancer tumor growth and increased apoptosis (cell death) in breast cancer cells.

7. Brain Cancer – A study published in the online journal PLoS One indicates thymoquinone from black seed can induce cell death in glioblastoma cells. Glioblastoma is one of the most aggressive brain tumors of all.

child with cancer

child with cancer

8. Leukemia – As it’s been shown to do with other types of cancer, black seed compound thymoquinone has also been shown to induce apoptosis in leukemia cells.

9. Brain Damage from Lead – A study published in Experimental and Toxicologic Pathology indicates black seed is able to dampen and reverse damage to the brain sparked by lead toxicity.

10. Oral Cancer – Research indicates thymoquinone from nigella sativa is able to induce cell apoptosis in oral cancer cells.

Try our Seed Product Your doctors should know about this! Please do your research also; you are your own best doctor.
6 Patents Issued
(US 6,042,834) Diabetes
(US 5,653,981) Inhibition of Cancer Cells growth
(US 5,482,711) Improvement of Immune system
(US 6,841,174) Viral Infections
(US 6,531,164) Psoriasis
(UK – EP1709995) Asthma


The ingredients are non-genetically modified organisms, meaning that they don’t have lab-altered DNA to include harmful pesticides that are later ingested and absorbed by people. The nutrition in them is what came from nature naturally.

What you don’t know…

diabetes-pedometer-with-glucose-food-diary-weight-tracker-blood-pressure-log-and-medication-reminder-by-pacer-1-l-48x48We all know that we aren’t eating properly, and that the heavily processed foods that we do eat don’t give enough nutrition. That’s why 60 to 70% of us use some form of supplement.

But it’s what we DON’T know that can hurt us. Major pharmaceutical companies have kept the truth from us all.

In fact these Mega Drug companies went to court to make sure you did not hear the truth! You see, over 90% of all the vitamins and minerals available in the thousands of supplements you buy come from the same handful of Mega Drug companies. They isolate the vitamins and recreate them in a laboratory in huge quantities and sell them to vitamin manufacturers. They also have minerals dug up in mines all over the world and these crushed rocks are what you get in your fortified O.J., breakfast cereal or daily vitamin. What you may not know is that these chemicals and rocks are not recognized as nutrition by the body and can in some cases be toxic. Yes, in trying to do your body some good you may be causing real harm. These chemicals and rocks floating around in your bloodstream are a recipe for disaster. Nutrients found in food are recognized by the body, and the body uses them for nourishment. These complex nutrients are in the form of a food matrix with vitamins and minerals bound to proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, enzymes and bioflavanoids. These nutrients in a food matrix, not isolated chemicals, are what the body considers food. Scientists have developed a way to work with nature to produce Seed Based nutrients, a real food vitamin mineral combination that has all of theimportant co-factors bound to the icon-medicalservices-diabetesvitaminsandminerals your body needs as a Diabetic!